Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I'm Gleaxi, no that isn't my real name, but only a few people get to know my real name, so don't ask for it.
I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, Homestuck, and a whole lot of other weird things, but you'll get used to me.

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Hanging on the TC for a while, since I have to clean my room.

I’ve been going through a lot lately and have come to some decisions. I made a new blog, and I don’t really plan on deleting this one, but it won’t really be updated much. If you really want to follow me, send an ask and I’ll link you to the new blog.

Thought you guys would like to see this.


So… I’ll stop beeing an ass when people compliments me now. Sorry! 

Reblog this if you actually ship Sabriel 


I’m really curious

Every time I see that ship name it takes me a moment to remember that people are talking about Supernatural and not one of my all time favorite books.

Mr. Reckless Youth: Hey guys! 


I’ve been feeling bored lately, so here’s a little offer.

Whoever reblogs this post by April 19th will get a Pokemon Egg in their inbox!


And within a week of obtaining this darling little egg, you’ll receive a message of what your egg hatches into! An example…



Happy 413, Hometucks — Have a gif set.

My hair looks almost tenth doctor-ish. I kind of like it.

My hair looks almost tenth doctor-ish. I kind of like it.

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Is no one going to mention the TARDIS blue door?